What Are Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pumps is an alternative heater to traditional options like gas, oil, and electricity. Unlike traditional systems that use fuel to generate heat, air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air into a liquid. The fluid can then be used to heat water for baths, showers or washing your hands. It also heats your radiators in your home.

Air source heat pump could be right for your home, but you should take your time. There are two types of air source heat pumps: monobloc and split system. Monobloc contains the system outdoors in one structure with pipes feeding into your house, whereas split system air pumps mix the parts indoors and outdoors.

Air source heat pumps, as their name suggests, require air so you’ll need a suitable amount of space outside for a consistent flow of air to reach the pump. For people with no outdoor space i.e. a flat, a smaller unit that can fit in a space the size of a cupboard near an exterior wall.

The system does however store water differently to your generic boiler system. So, you’ll need a place to store water for when you need it. The water in an air source heat pump is stored in a hot water cylinder, which come in a range of sizes depending on the amount of space you have at your disposal. Alternatively, you can have a hybrid system fitted which allows you to receive hot water on-demand.

The main reason for installing an air source heat pump is that it is more environmentally friendly than traditional options. A pump allows you to lower your energy bills by reducing the energy you use because the system is efficient in electricity to heat transfer

Meaning that you receive much more heat into your home than a regular boiler system. As a result, your cut your home’s carbon emissions when compared to a regular boiler because the air source heat pump.

Key Decisions

Now maybe the most important aspect – the cost. Air source heat pumps are quite expensive costing upwards of £10,000. The size of the heat pump and your home may dictate if this price rise or falls. Also, the other main consideration is the space needed.

You need to determine what type of air source heat pump is right for you based on your house and what your current heating system looks like. Monobloc requires lots of outdoor space close to your home as it needs lots of outside air. A split system requires both indoor and outdoor space due to it’s design. The smallest compact system can fit in a small cupboard. You need to consider whether you need to refit a new heating system in your home or not. The size of your radiators and the heat pump will have some bearing on what option you ultimately land on.