Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is an important decision for you and your home. You’ll want someone that completes the project to a high standard, is easy to contact in case of issue and offers a reasonable price for their work. The first question, or rather thing to do outside of the ones listed below, is to get a quote from multiple interior designers. In doing so, you’ll see who fits your budget and narrow down your options. Once you’ve heard back from a couple of interior designers, now it’s time to contact them either on the phone or via email. Here are the top questions to ask an interior designer:

What Interior design do you offer?

This is a great way to find out what styles of interior design they’re capable of and what inspires their work. Even if you have some ideas, understanding what the potential interior designer can create for you will help you discover more about your own style and how to achieve it.  Their designs should go beyond just aesthetics; it should consider how you use a space, how to maximize light, flow, and how to create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for your needs.

Figuring out what they’re capable of doing can make the audition process of finding the ideal interior designer easier.

What is your estimated timeframe for completing the work?

The amount they can complete in one day depends on various factors, the main being the amount of experience they have and if they work alone. The more experience generally means the less time it takes to finish Interior designer. By setting up a timeline for a project is important for both you and the interior designer. This helps everyone involved stick to a timeframe that gets the project completed on time to a high standard. It also means that there’s transparency – if you don’t like how long or short it due to take you can discuss the issue. You can also see what the interior designer plans to do and when so that you can prepare for the next steps like hiring a painter or decorator, and then buying furnishings and finishes.

What are your processes for interior design?

The interior design styles may require different techniques, equipment, and timeframes. When asking this question, you should be looking for answers that align with what you expect, mainly the time to plaster your home, and the amount of mess that comes with it. Remembering that not all interior designers are the same, and most differ in how the like to proceed with a project.

What recommendations do you have for maintaining my home after completion?

An interior designer will be able to give you nuanced knowledge on maintaining quality of your newly designed home for as long as possible. They’ll be able to give you advice to get the best out of your home whether that is by maximising light, minimising sound and controlling air flow.