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News and Articles about Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, and the South of England

For more than 50 years, Dentons has been serving the local community and providing a free and friendly service to help businesses reach thousands of new customers.

Our directory listings cover over 50 locations in central and south west England so wherever you are, you will always be able to find the things you need whether you want the low-down on local restaurants or info on pubs and clubs; it’s all in

Beyond business listings, we also like to showcase cultural events in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, and the South of England.

If you want to know what’s going on in the South West then you’re in the right place. We cover everything from wild swimming locations to Christmas markets.

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Filming Locations across Wiltshire & Somerset

The West Country is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and protected historical architecture. It’s no wonder then, production companies from around the world flock to the South West to shoot their piece for the big and small screen.


Guide To Wild Swimming in Dorset

The Wild Swimming movement is growing in popularity. What makes people keen to head for the hills and plunge into rivers, lakes and even large ponds wearing as little as possible?

Small Business

All About Locksmiths

Locksmiths are one of the most sought-after trades in the Dentons Directories – both in our little “books” that are distributed across the south west of England, and our online national database,

Marketing Advice

The Risks of Building a Cheap Website

If you are running a small business you know how important a web presence is, not only to lure potential customers but also to showcase your work, goods or services, and present information about your trustworthiness and honesty.

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BANES Council COVID-19 Information

This is an Alert Click here to read the current (COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions for England The UK COVID-19 situation is ever-evolving and can change very suddenly. For

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Why SMEs Shouldn’t Overlook the Power of TikTok

“If you’re not on TikTok doing the latest trending lip-sync, dance move or hack, are you really in the digital age at all?” That’s what I’d imagine someone aged 21 and younger would say. And honestly, they might have a point.

Bath Retro Store shop front.

Gateway to Another Universe: The Rise of Book Sales

Books are back with a bang in 2021 and readers are just as in love with reading now as ever before. In a world with Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV, everyone and their mother coming out with a podcast, it can seem a little surprising that the biggest pastime is reading.