A Guide to Mexican Cuisine

There’s a lot more to Mexican dishes than enchiladas and chilli - a lot of the Mexican dishes being based on recipes as ancient as the Olmec, Aztec and Mayan civilisations.

A Guide to Planning a Wedding

If you’re engaged and planning your dream wedding, let us help make things a little easier.

A Guide to Choosing a Dog Breeder

You’ve decided to take a big step and acquire a dog! Congratulations, but if you have your heart set on a specific breed – or mix – you’ll need to find a reputable breeder to provide you with that cute furry friend.

A Guide to Trade Associations

Before you hire a tradesman/company it’s wise to be sure they are reputable, established and reliable. One way to do this is to check whether they are registered with the relevant trade association/organisation. You can also verify most of them on various review and comparison websites. We’ve put together a list of resources for various trades, where you can check the credentials of firms or individual you plan to hire.

A Guide to Book, Art and Film Festivals in the South West

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book or a riveting film? South West England – homeland of Dentons Directories – is well supplied with sensational literature, artistic and silver screen festivals and special events.

A Guide to Removals

Organisation and preparation is the key to a smooth move, so – because many of the searches for businesses on Dentons.net are for removal services – we’ve put together a guide to help you move home or premises as easily as possible, as well as estimate the costs involved.

A Guide to West Country Beer & Cider Festivals

Cheers! If you’re seeking a brilliant brew you’ve come to the right place. The West Country is renowned not only for awesome ales, but most especially its delicious apple and pear ciders. Local festivals are the place to grab a taste of the tempting tipples, and we’ve rounded up a list of The Best Fests in the West.

A Guide to West Country Carnivals

With its roots back in the 17th Century, the tradition of illuminated floats (known locally as ‘carts’) parading through the streets of West Country towns has become a spectacular annual event, drawing hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors to witness these breathtaking processions.

Charity Shops Across the South West

A Dentons guide to charity shops across the south West including contact info and useful links.

Wiltshire Community Radio Guide

Dentons Guide to community and local radio in Wiltshire. Information on the FM frequencies, and how to listen online and via DAB. Contact details, show information and station histories.

A Guide to Getting a Tattoo

Are you tempted to be inked? If so, you probably have a million questions about the process, not least of them being whether it will hurt! In this guide we endeavour to cover everything you need to know before, during and after you submit to body art in the form of a tattoo.

A Guide to Choosing a Hairdresser

If you’re going to put your hair into the hands of one of the UKs quarter of a million barbers or hairdressers, you want to be sure he or she is up to the job! Here’s how to pick the perfect hairstylist for you.

A Guide to Music Festivals in South and South West England

Rock, pop, jazz, classical … whatever floats your boat you’ll pick up plenty of good vibrations at fabulous festivals across the west.

A Guide to Learning to Drive

We have put together this Guide to Learning to Drive to help smooth the road to competency, divided into helpful sections that will take you all the way from starting out with a friend or family member as teacher, through how to choose a professional instructor, and the run-down on the driving test itself.

A Guide to Food Festivals in the South and West

We all love a good foodie fest, and the region covered by our print directories here in the south and west of England has plenty to choose from! We’ve put together this guide of great gastronomic events to whet your appetite.

A Guide to Takeaway Food

There’s no need to ever be confused again when you’re ordering a takeaway. Whether it’s a curry, burrito, spring rolls, satay or sushi. Our guide will explain them all.

A Guide to Farmers Markets in South and South-West England

Looking for lush local produce? We’ve done the digging and are happy to share the pick of our crop of farmer’s markets with you. Armed with the info, all you need to do is harvest the rewards…

A Guide to Christmas Markets

The aroma of spiced mulled wine mingled with mince pies pervades the frosty air, along with the melodious sound of carol singing. Enticing stalls are alight with possibilities, groaning under the weight of all things bright and beautiful – all you need to make your Christmas magical. Yes, local Christmas markets are an essential part of the build-up to the festive season!

A Guide to Buying a Car at an Auction

Many people think that car auctions are just for dealers. Not so – private buyers are increasingly turning to auctions in the hope of picking up a bargain. You need to know all the risks and the ins and outs of bidding at car auctions to be sure of picking up a sold used vehicle at a cheap price.

A Guide to Running a Marathon

No doubt you have watched in awe as tens of thousands of people turn out on the telly to compete, and hopefully complete, marathon and half marathon events all over the country – and the world. Could you do it? Sure, anyone can, but not without careful planning, training and motivation.

A Guide to Choosing a Bicycle

If you’re shopping for a bike, we’ve got a professional scientifically founded guide to help you.

A Guide to Recycling in South and South-West England

Here at Dentons we thought it would help the situation if we produced some handy guides about what, where, when and how your waste can be recycled.

A Guide to Cycle Routes in the South West

Cyclists love the west country. It’s got all the attributes valued by those who pedal for leisure and pleasure: stunning scenery admired from leafy lanes which wind through pretty villages packed with pubs and tearooms! We’ve tracked down some suggested rides to be enjoyed…