The home of Dentons is Bridge House in Westbury, Wilts – one of the most prominent buildings in town, reaching up five stories. We’re proud to be one of the biggest businesses (in all respects) in the local community, and as such we are very conscious of our environmental responsibilities.

On Global Recycling Day we’d like to show our support for any and all efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle the mountains of waste that are clogging up our planet, contributing to the climate crisis.


We have two arms to our business: we’re a busy digital marketing agency, but we also print and publish tens of thousands of local directories every year, which are distributed to households and business premises right across Wiltshire and North Somerset.

This is how we are doing our bit to promote recycling in our part of the world:

  • Our popular business directories – handy little booklets designed to fit into a handbag or car cubbyhole – are totally recyclable. We urge everyone who has expired copies for their town to pop them in the relevant paper goods recycling box for local collection as soon as their new updated Dentons directory arrives. As for us, any directories that are returned to our offices for any reason are sent for recycling straight away.
  • We have a contract with a registered waste/recycling carrier to remove our office waste paper, plastics, cans, cartons, and anything else that is recyclable on a regular basis. Each of our office kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with recycle bins, and our staff use them diligently.
  • The Dentons business directory is online too. Our searchable database is a useful tool for anyone seeking contact details for a tradesperson, local business, restaurant, school or any other institution anywhere in the country. In order to promote recycling in our area we have included Recycling guides for South West England on our site,, so it’s easy to find out how, what, where and when you can recycle your unwanted goods.
  • Here at Dentons we try to be “green” conscious in all that we do, and that includes saving energy wherever possible. You won’t see our office lights shining bright wastefully at night while no-ones at work, and you may not be able to see them, but there are solar panels on the roof of our building to supplement our power supply from the national grid.

When it comes to saving the planet, a little can mean a lot. Every year the “Seventh Resource” (as recyclables are known) saves over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions, and stops millions of tons of rubbish from ending up in landfill. So, let’s keep recycling at work and at home and celebrate Global Recycling Day!