General Recycling and Re-use symbols

Know your symbols!

Download these symbols as a pdf.

You’re sure to recognise some of these common recycling symbols, but do you know the meaning of them all?

Aluminium recycling logo ALUMINIUM This symbol indicates that the product is made from recyclable aluminium.
Compostable Logo COMPOSTABLE This is a Europe wide symbol confirming the product is industrially compostable. Take to your RC.
European Eco label EUROPEAN ECOLABEL A European symbol that shows the product has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.
Glass recycling logo GLASS Please put this recyclable glass container in a bottle bank.
Green Dot recycling logo GREEN DOT In participating countries this means the manufacturer is funding a recycling program for products with this label. The UK isn’t a participating country.
Metal recycling logo METALS Please put recyclable metals into the skip at the RC.
Mobius loop logo MOBIUS LOOP This indicates whether the product can be recycled.
Mobius loop logo with percentage MOBIUS LOOP WITH PERCENTAGE This indicates how much of the product is made from recycled materials.
Paper recycling logo PAPER Products bearing this logo have already been recycled. The product must contain at least 50% waste paper or board not generated as mill waste. The figure shown is how much recycled material is used.
Tidyman logo TIDY MAN Implies that you should dispose of the product carefully, do not litter.
WEEE Directive logo WEEE DIRECTIVE Shows that a product can be recycled separately from other household waste under the WEEE directive.
Wood recycling logo WOOD This logo identifies products containing wood from well managed forests.

Plastic recycling symbols

These symbols identify the type of plastic used in identify the type of plastic used in a packaging.


Recycle PETEPolyethylene Terepthalate found in Soft drink bottles & Cooking oil bottles – recycled into Pillow stuffing & Carpets.

(not collected by Wiltshire Council – take to HRC)


Recycling HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene found in Milk bottles, Shampoo bottles & Yogurt containers – recycled into Playground equipment & bottles.

(not collected by Wiltshire Council – take to HRC)

Recycling PVCPVC found in Water bottles & Detergent bottles – recycled into Floor tiles, Bubble wrap & Traffic cones.

(not collected by Wiltshire Council – take to HRC)

Recycling LDPELow Density Polyethylene found in Grocery bags, Dry cleaning bags & Frozen food bags – recycled into Compost liners & Rubbish bin liners.

PlasticRecyclingPPPolypropylene found in Ketchup bottles, Syrup bottles, Lunch boxes & Dairy food containers – recycled into Pipes, Pegs, Battery cases & Trays.

Recycling polystyrenePolystyrene found in Foam cups & plates, Food trays & packaging – recycled into Egg cartons, Coat hangers & Stationery trays.

Recycling other plasticAll other plastics and multi-materials found in Safety glasses & Car lights – recycled into Outdoor signs & Car parts.