Moving CostsThere are dozens of things to arrange when you move house, but the biggest factor of all is probably what it is going to cost.

We take a look at the costs involved in relocating from one average family home to another, particularly the cost of hiring a removal company.

The cost variables that affect the price of moving:

There is no such thing as a “typical” family move. All of us have different needs that can affect the cost of a house removal.

Some of the factors that make a difference to the cost of moving house are:

What you can expect to pay for a removal:

To move from a typical three-bedroomed family home to another will, according to popular consumer comparison website, Which, costs an estimated £800 (add £250 if you hire the removal company to do your packing as well). Remember this figure is very much “ballpark” and dependent on the variables mentioned previously.


It’s wise to compare at least three quotes from different companies before deciding which to accept. In order for a quote or estimate to be as precise as possible, it is best to have the removers’ representative visit your home in person.

Establish whether the removers are going to charge you by the hour, or for the whole job. Ask about discounts, special deals, cheaper periods, and so on. Be very clear on what is included in the estimate/quotation you are given.


Sometimes a move requires storage of your goods at some point of the process for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, there are two options open to you; have the removal company arrange the storage, or do it yourself. The best course is to get estimates from both the removal company and a storage company.

Prices for storage vary widely, depending on location (highest being in London) and the size of the unit/space you require. It can cost as little as £1.00 a day, or as much as £200 a week. You can find plenty of self-storage firms online.


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