Guide to Learning to DriveSo you want to learn to drive? Knowing how to drive a vehicle safely and responsibly is a necessary skill most of us acquire sooner or later in life unless we are prevented from doing so by a disability, financial circumstances, or just plain terrified of the whole idea!

Most of us learn to drive in our teens, but no matter what your age when you decide to get behind the wheel, it can be a long-drawn-out, nerve-wracking and expensive process.

We have put together this Guide to Learning to Drive to help smooth the road to competency, divided into helpful sections that will take you all the way from starting out with a friend or family member as a teacher, through how to choose a professional instructor, and the run-down on the driving test itself.

This guide is spiced with plenty of hints and tips, legal requirements, and all sorts of links to further information, which should have you steering confidently straight towards a safe and successful driving career.

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