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Finding your way around a business search engine and more importantly, finding the results you are looking for isn't always easy for everyone. We have put together a useful set of search tips below and a set of frequently asked questions to help you get the best out of

AutoSuggest Search Facility

The AutoSuggest is a simple drop-down suggestion that aids your search. By typing in three characters into either the 'who or what' or 'location' search fields our intelligent system will try to match what you are looking for to make searching easier and faster.

The 'who or what' field will suggest display the top 5 matching categories and 5 business names. The more characters you type into the search field, the more accurate the results we will suggest.

When selecting an item the AutoSuggest will auto-fill the search field with your selection. If you decide however that this is incorrect or selected the wrong one by mistake by simply clicking anywhere in the search field, AutoSuggest will reopen and remember your initial search characters. This is especially useful when there are more than one suggestion that match your search, i.e. locations.

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