Get your Facebook Ads on Target


DIY Facebook ad campaigns often miss the mark!

Facebook is now accepted as one of the most effective advertising platforms on the planet, particularly for small businesses and start-ups.

If you’re not reaching out to potential customers on Facebook, you’re losing out big time! You already know that, right?

The question then is not whether you should be advertising on Facebook, but how to go about it to get the best return on your investment.

You may think it’s easy. After all, Facebook itself has plenty of “how to” advice and instruction on tap. When you sign up for Facebook advertising you are led through the process of setting up your campaign, and given options for targeting your audience. It is this targeting which make Facebook ads so successful. If you are a hairdresser, for example, looking for customers in your local area who want purple hair extensions, you can narrow the field and aim the arrow straight at their pretty heads!


The trick in it all, though, is being able to first identify the target you need and want to hit, and then set up your ad campaign to actually hit it.

Yes, you could probably do it yourself eventually – with a few near misses on the way – but learning by your mistakes takes time and patience in this game, and, of course, wastes that valuable ad spend.

A typical Facebook ad campaign requires a great deal of upfront research and preparation. Then there is the creating of the ads themselves, followed by rigorous monitoring and analysing of the results.

If you don’t have the time to spend self-educating yourself about the vagaries of Facebook advertising, or the budget to spare for the inevitable period of trial and error, it’s obviously better to outsource your advertising to the experts.

It’s a pretty safe bet that as a business owner you are not very good at marketing yourself. You will probably have an emotional attachment to a particular aspect of the product or service you are dealing in, which may not, necessarily, be the best one to “push” when it comes to advertising. An objective outside consultant will have an impartial view of your operation, and be able to advise you and work with you to promote your product accordingly.

The money you spend on hiring a Facebook advertising specialist to run your campaign will be more than compensated for by the return on the investment. With your campaign optimised by an expert your cost per click, impression and action will be reduced, and your click through rate will be high.

So it is clear that Facebook advertising does not work best for the DIY-ers. If you want as much bang for your buck as possible, call in the big guns.


About Lucille Parker

Digital Marketing Assistant at Dentons Ltd.
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