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All the features of an Enhanced Listing and

  • Up to 4 telephone numbers
  • Up to 8 search categories
  • Company logo and gallery of videos and photos premium business listing


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With a Premium Listing, this additional page doubles the presence of your listing in Google and other search engines.

  • Up to 600 character business description
  • Up to 8 additional descriptive bullet points
  • Up to 6 trade association logos
  • Large map with directions premium business listing


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We also offer a range of bolt-ons to add extra features to your Enhanced or Premium Listing.

  • Expand your catchment radius to 10, 25 or 50 miles or even nationally.
  • (for Enhanced or Premium Listings - select when you purchase an entry)
  • Add an image gallery/portfolio.
  • (for Premium Listings only - contact us for more information)
  • Add a promotional corporate video.
  • (for Premium Listings only - contact us for more information)

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